Lino Noi

Welcome to the Lino Noi documentation.

Lino Noi is the isuue and time tracking system used by the Synodalsoft team. After evaluating a lot of existing software products we decided to “eat our own dog food” and write a Lino application. We started this in April 2015 and until now we didn’t regret this step. Lino Noi has become our primary team communication tool.

With Lino Noi we create our tickets, triage them, start working sessions on them, discuss about them with our team mates, and Lino generates weekly or monthly service reports for those customers who wish this. Lino can also generate yearly or monthly invoices for our service level agreements, and manages the time credit of every customer.

We would love to share our know-how and the result of ten years of experience with other teams and –of course– will help them to get started with Lino Noi.