18.10.0 (2018-10-29)


As a result of my meetings with customers in october 2018, I realized that we can easily implement “milestones” on Jane using our “sites”. For bigger customers we will have one Site per milestone. A milestone being a concrete project planned with the customer. We want to view and print a backlog per customer.

We had milestones and deployments before in Lino Noi (lino_xl.lib.deploy), but that implementation had a fundamental design flaw: it allowed one ticket to appear as a wish on several milestones. This was overkill.

The contact persons of our customers should be able to sign on Jane as “End users” and manage their tickets and write comments. This is nothing new (Matieu and Aurélie have been doing this), but the permissions for this user type needs some review. For example they want to see only the sites they are subscribed to.es


  • Make Site inherit from lino.mixins.referrable.Referrable to add a ref field.

  • Sites must get a life cycle so that they can become inactive. Add a field Site.state and a choicelist SiteStates. Possible states: active, stable, sleeping, closed. Note some recent new practices about lino.core.workflows.Workflow choicelists.

  • New filtering parameters for the Sites views.

  • #2611 (Can not submit new Site due to bad layout) is because the insert_layout has only one field (#2614). This will be fixed as we weil add at least the new ref field to the insert_layout. #2614 can wait once more.

  • The detail of a site needs some changes: - show the parsed description

  • TicketsBySite : add ticket_type to column_names.

  • The insert_layout for submitting a new ticket no longer has the site field. Because the site is potentially being filled automatically depending on whether the end_user or the user has a primary subscription to a site. For simple end users this means that their site gets set automatically. For me it means that when I record a customer ticket I just need to specify the end user, and Lino will assign the site automatically.

  • Remove topics and projects


See also 2018-10-27 and 2018-10-29.