A short crash course


This document needs revision. You should read it quickly and then try out yourself.

Signing in

Point your browser to https://noi1r.lino-framework.org or https://noi1e.lino-framework.org (two front ends accessing a same database). This is the public demo database, it contains fictive data and is visible and writeable for everybody. So please don’t post any private information there.

For this crash course please sign in as user jean. You should then see the following screen:


Note the message You are busy with #1 (⚹ Föö fails to bar when baz) (■). This message is there because you started a work session on that ticket, and because you did not yet stop that session.

You can click on “#1 (⚹ Föö fails to bar when baz)” in order to see the ticket #1. Close that window using its Close (X) button in the upper right corner.

You can click on the (■) in order to stop working on that ticket.

Opening a new ticket

Click the quicklink “[Submit Tickets]”

Open the list of all tickets using the quicklink “[All Tickets]” or the menu Tickets‣ All Tickets

  • Click the Insert button (insert) to create a new ticket:

    • Reporter: (you)

    • Summary: “Getting started with Lino Noi”

    Click the Create button or press ENTER to confirm the insert window.

When you create a ticket, Lino automatically also creates a new session on that ticket which starts at current time. (If it doesn’t, then go to your user preferences and check the Open session on new ticket checkbox).

Your session is visible as a row in the lower right table “Sessions”. You should write at least a few words in the “Summary” of your session (by pressing F2 on that field). Type for example “Following the crash course.”


Now you are supposed to work on that ticket. When you stopped working, click the link in the Workflow field of the ticket. Lino will fill the End time field of your session with the current time.

You can manually change the start and end times by pressing F2 on these fields.

Now klick on the in the Workflow field of the ticket. This will create a second session which starts at current time. Note that the in the Workflow field has changed to a . That’s because the ticket has a started session with an empty End time.

Note another little oddness: you can manually clear the “End time” field of your session, but Lino does not automatically change the into a . For the moment you must manually click Refresh button of your ticket (refresh button) to refresh.

The main page

Whatever you tried and played in our previous section, make now sure that you have a session started (i.e. one which has no end time). Then close the detail ticket window and the window with the list of tickets and return to the main page.

Note the new sentence there:

You are busy with #18 (Getting started with Lino Noi) (↘).


This is how a typical week might look for you. You can click on any date (in first column) to see and possibly edit all sessions of that day. When you hover the mouse over a ticket number, it shows the ticket’s summary.

Using this system, you always have an overview of your real hours worked.