18.11.1 (released 2018-12-12)


  • MyTicketsToWork and TicketsBySite are now a list, not a summary. Both lists are sorted by priority. Not yet sure how to sort tickets of same priority.

  • New summary fields showing the worked time per ticket (and per reporting type)

  • Reviewed the detail layout of a site.


  • My notification messages : reverse sort order. Add “Mark all read” to toolbar in dashboard.

  • AssignToMe should not be possible for new tickets. Maybe take the whole assignment stuff into a separate virtual field “Assigned to” which says e.g. “Luc –> [Hamza] [Tonis]”.

  • New model comments.Feedback (comment, user, answer) : comment is a pointer to the question, answer a pointer the comment, user is the user who is asked to respond. A state field would currently be “Waiting for answer” and “Answered”, which can be expressed by answer being None, so there is no need for a state field right now. Maybe later we can add a priority (“urgent”, “normal” and “low”) A table that shows a list of the comments for which my feedback is requested. A welcome message “You have X feedback requests” if the user doesn’t have this table in the dashboard.

    As a user when i have written a comment, i must somehow specify whether i want feedback. I should be able to specify a precise user, or say “everybody on this site”, or “no feedback required”. Or automatically if I say @username in the comment text, Lino would automatically generate a feedback request.


  • Luc doesn’t want to have to manually subscribe to every new site in order to see it in the My sites list. Tonis and Hamza on the other hand don’t want to get bothered with sites for which they didn’t explicitly subscribe. Maybe Tonis and Hamza should simply disable the My sites widget in their dashboard?

    Developers who don’t care about project management actually shouldn’t need to worry about sites. They shouldn’t be allowed to change neither site nor priority of a ticket. They just look at their todo list and pick a ticket to work on.

    OTOH at least Tonis uses internal sites for classifying his tickets and priorities. Should we differentiate between “customer sites” and “internal sites”?

  • Add a filter param on Tickets to show only tickets in sites that are in an exposed state.

    But there are already so many filter parameters on tickets. Can’t you just go to the site detail?

  • A text field “Post a comment” in the detail of a ticket. This would be a virtual field Commentable.post_comment, The field would be editable and the setter would add a comment with self as owner.

  • Have per ticket a list of comments and other tickets that refer to this ticket in their text (i.e. the body of a command or the description of a ticket. When saving a comment, Lino parses the body and searches for memo commands. But this time the purpose is to fill a list of referred objects, not to render them.



  • Notifications There seems to be a design flaw in our notifications and commenting system. Discussing directly on Jane is not yet efficient. Maybe we could replace the “My notifications” by a table “My discussions” where you get a list of recent comments by others to which you did not yet react. Reacting to a comment could mean to simply click a “Like” or “Seen” button. And the notifications themselves would no longer have a “seen” marker. They just get sent as desktop notification and/or via email and then disappear.

    Deprecate the feature that every notification can be assigned to a database object (owner), and subsequent notifications are automatically filtered away as long as there are unseen messages for the same owner and recipient.

  • Add the concept of hour contingents per site. Each session report would debit the contingent. The contingent gets credited when the customer buys working hours. Make new service reports registrable and dated. New field Session.report which is set to the report when the report is registered. Disable editing Sessions having this field non-empty because they have been reported. This could be registered in a working.ServiceReport if we accept to have only one ServiceReport per site. But currently a ServiceReport covers all the sites and this might be a useful feature.

    So maybe keep the current working.ServiceReport as is and make something similar. Maybe in a new plugin contingents which depends on working and tickets. contingents.ServiceReport would be similar to the current working.ServiceReport. contingents.ReportsBySite would be a table of service reports on a site, with columns (date, debit, credit, remark). A new excerpt type for Site which prints that table.

  • Don’t allow new sessions on a ticket without a site or whose site is closed. See 2018-11-11.

  • Remove ReportingTypes choicelist and its fields reporting_type (in Session, Ticket and Site) and replace it by Session.discount, a percentage expressing how much of this session is given away for free (not to be invoiced).