Add lino.comments.MentionsByOwner as a new panel to the user detail view and the ticket detail view.


Released version 19.10.0 to PyPI.


Monthly user summaries. New model lino_xl.working.UserSummary. Similar to SiteSummary, but per user instead of per site and monthly instead of yearly.


Add chooser to site, which only allows sites that the author or end_user are subscribed to. Added the site field to insert window


Moved the Noi docs from manuals to the noi repository. Note that these docs are just the “user docs”, not the specs and API. The specs and API of noi remain in the book because noi is pilot application for some plugins of the xl (e.g. lino_xl.lib.tickets and lino_xl.lib.working).


The lino_xl.lib.working.WorkedHours shows a new Lino feature #2726 (Lino views as a replacement for extensible calendar). When we click on a day to show the sessions of that day, we can now navigate to the previous and next days.